Christmas Experience 2

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The Purpose of Life

Listen to One chapter a day for 40 Days.

Days      1-10

Days    11-20

Days    21-30

Days    31-40


Spiritual Leadership  

J. Oswald Sanders
A must read for every leader.

  • Part 1  

  • Part 2 

  • Part 3 

  • Part 4 



Life Transformation Groups 
LTG are disciple-making groups focused on bringing people to a closer life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, ministering to individual needs, and advancing the cause of Jesus Christ by producing disciple maker makers, who will in turn reproduce others to do the same.

 PDF  Brochure
LTG Page 1 & 2 Brochure

LTG Page 3 & 4 Brochure

What is LTG?.

The Purpose of LTG    (15 minutes)

LTG Training (30minutes)


Share Jesus-2

   Share Jesus Without Fear & Augment – Document

  Share Jesus Without Fear & Argument – Audio

The Trail of Blood  (History of the Baptist)


Below are great audios for weight control and also controlling Diabetes

Click Here For The The Full Plate Diet Audios

Click Here for Diabetes Info



Enjoy The Ride
 6 Chapters

How to Enjoy Life.